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Coaches, Leaders, Managers & Mentors, it's time for you.

As a coach, I have encountered many programmes for coaches, consultants and business leaders,

focused on creating a 6 figure salary. Often these are online group programmes, sold with promise and intention.

When I see these programmes, and there are lots of them, I am left thinking,

Why did we choose a profession to support others?


Are we motivated by money?

or do we want to invest our energy and time into doing something connected to our values?

My motivation is to help others, by taking a heart centred approach to the support I provide.

My aim is to utilise my experience and skills and to create a ripple effect of positive change.

My investment goes into my personal development, the service I provide and my wellbeing.

Mindful Supervision is principle led

We provide Coaches, Leaders, Managers and Mentors

with time to focus on their service and their personal needs.

If you are a Coach or Mentor, CEO or Team Leader,  

you will know that supporting others is demanding, both mentally and emotionally. 

However unlike other support services such as therapy,

there is no formal requirement to invest in someone for support and development.

Mindful Supervision provides

Time to focus on developing the quality of your service 

To identify your personal and professional development requirements

To gain from the support of a qualified professional

To see the wider context of the environment you work within  

Here is how others define Supervision Support:

“A collaborative learning practice to continually build the capacity of the coach

through reflective dialogue for the benefit of both coaches and clients.” - ICF

"Coaching Supervision is a formal and protected time for

facilitating a coach’s in-depth reflection on their practice with a Coaching Supervisor.

Supervision offers a confidential framework within a collaborative working relationship

in which the practice, tasks, process and challenges of the coaching work can be explored.

The primary aim of Supervision is to enable the coach to gain in ethical competency,

confidence and creativity so as to ensure best possible service to the coaching clients,

both coachees and coaching sponsors.

Supervision is not a ‘policing’ role,

but rather a trusting and collegial professional relationship." - Association for Coaching

What others say about Mindful Supervision:

"As a Coach Supervisor, Martin brings a wealth of experience, insight and compassion

to the partnership between coach and supervisor.

His central focus is on bringing awareness and learning to the coach,

through asking incisive questions and sharing effective feedback.

His focus on reflection holds a valuable space for the coach,

demonstrating not just what Martin does but who he is as a supervisor."


Raymy Boyle

Director, Acorn Principle Plus

Mindful Supervision is programme provided as a 121 service,

either face to face or by zoom. 

If your profession involves coaching, leading, managing or mentoring others,

Mindful Supervision will help you reflect on your needs,

the needs of those you support and

how you can further improve the service you provide. 

To find out how Mindful Supervision can help you,

click here to get in touch.

Mindful Coach Suprvision
Image by Brett Jordan
Mindful Coach Superision
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