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Its time to consciously breathe


Would you like to feel more relaxed, calm, balanced and present?

Mindfulness activity plays a positive role in physical and mental fitness. It is simple to learn and open to everyone.

Incorporating mindfulness practice into your daily routine helps to reduce stress,

reduce blood pressure, increase positivity and improve focus.

If you have never experienced mindfulness practice, or would like to learn more tools to improve your mental fitness, 

we have created a Mindful Living Programme that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine.


Our 5 day Mindful Living Programme is a series of 30 minute live online STOP sessions. STOP provides you with ring-fenced time to:

STOP what you are doing

Take a step back

Organise your thoughts 

Proceed with a new plan

Programme breakdown:

Over 5 days the programme covers:

Day 1: STOP - Change your physiological state

Day 2: Breathwork - Consciously breathe to increase calm

Day 3: 'Clear the space' - How to activate conscious thinking

Day 4: Body scan meditation - Release stress and tension

Day 5: Feel amazing - Gratitude and appreciation meditation

Investment: £100 per person

Group rates available.

Delivered via zoom - Available worldwide.

Read what our Mindful Living clients say here

Mindful Living Programme
Mindful feedback
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