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How coaching works


Coaching is an amazing journey of self discovery and achievement.

A coach provides you with unique ring-fenced time to concentrate on making change happen once and for all.

Using the ACORN coaching framework accredited by the Association for Coaching,

we kick off the coaching journey with an initial client consultation session.

This session provides an overview of the coaching process and sets out the relationship parameters.

Through the use of mindfulness / meditation practice, we help clients clear space in their mind for creative conscious thought and hold this space to enable the client to explore the outcomes they want to achieve through coaching.


The coaching journey starts with the end in mind, encouraging clients to visualise achievement of their desired outcomes at the beginning.

This neuroscience trick helps overcome self-limiting blockers that have previously stifled achievement and clients are encouraged to continue this visualisation throughout the coaching process.

We work together with clients to create a route-map, a personal project plan that step-by-step helps clients to achieve the outcome they set out to achieve at the beginning. We identify the key areas that will bring success, achievement actions and the blockers in our way.

Step-by-step we take on the actions, remove the blockers and achieve success!

It's challenging, but of course anything life changing would be.

We make reaching your goal achievable and have fun along the journey.

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