Enjoy the space to think


Ever experienced that moment of clarity when out on a run, or a long walk into the woods?

Have you had your breath taken away when pushing yourself physically, only to be followed by amazing creative thoughts?

Changing your physiological state changes your emotions, behaviours, actions and results.

Physical activity also improves learning, mental performance and happiness.

Thats why we have created our retreat -

Outdoor Adventure Coaching

incorporating the best elements of activity, nature and coaching.

We coach passion into performance. Our passion is the great outdoors, activity and coaching.

Our programme provides the perfect environment to plan for success. 

Available for individuals or groups, this 1 day programme will push you physically and mentally,

but will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to work on achieving your goal.

This is a retreat that will provide you with ring-fenced time to escape the day to day, enjoy the great outdoors,

activity that suites the location, connection with like minded people and deep intensive coaching that will create insight,

clarity and a personal plan to create success.

Each Outdoor Adventure Coaching day is created around an individual/group requirements and includes

activities such as mountain biking, road cycling,hiking and coastal/forest walking

Following the success of our Adventure Coaching Lossiemouth Edition, held in Sept 2020,

our Adventure Coaching days are coming to the Highlands of Scotland and the North Downs of Kent.

If you would like to register your interest for future events, please click the link below and submit your details.

Read More About Adventure Coaching - Aviemore Edition

Aviemore and the Cairngorms National Park is one of the UK's most beautiful areas of outstanding natural scenery.

With 5 of the UK's 6 highest mountains, huge forests, amazing waterfalls and the clearest lochs,

any townie will feel like they have entered another world far far away.

At just 45mins from Inverness Airport and under 2.5hrs from Edinburgh and Glasgow,

this far away world is not that far away.

Adventure Coaching - Aviemore Edition

is brought to you in partnership with www.rideoutcoaching.co.uk


Here is the itinerary: 

Welcome and introduction - We start by sharing how physical activity and the great outdoors will take your

mental productivity to new levels. 

Physical activity 1 - Mountain biking through an area of outstanding natural beauty,

activating the mind and body through riding and Osprey spying!


Coaching exercise 1 - We stop to identify your most valuable outcomes and enjoy a forest bathing meditation session.


Physical activity 2 - We continue our ride, taking in stunning views and the wildlife.

We up the pace and navigate some challenging terrain, what mountain bikes are made for.


Coaching exercise 2 - Whilst sat open to the elements, enjoying fresh and pure mental clarity,

we turn dreams into reality through a powerful visulaisation exercise.




Physical activity 3 - The ride continues and by now you and the bike are testing out the drops and the sharp turns, your confidence us up and you are feeling exhilarated, pushing yourself further.

We reach a stop point where you can choose to enjoy some additional surprise activity!


Coaching exercise 3 - Time to reflect on the road ahead to achieve your goals, with opportunity to create your personal plan.


Mindfulness session to close day and set intentions.

What our clients say about Adventure Coaching 

Thanks Martin! I always do my best thinking when out on the bike but incorporating coaching took this to a new level.

I am new to meditation and have to say that I found that 'clearing the space' exercise by the sea relaxing!

I now have a plan to take forward that will make a real difference to me.

Steve, Kent, UK

Adventure Coaching was an amazing way of building connections – to the other participants, to the environment we were in and to myself. It gave space for reflection and stimulation – the physical activity fuelling the mind’s ability to contemplate, to go deep and to get creative. The instruction and facilitation was excellent and the flow of the day left me both physically weary (in a well-earned way) and mentally energised.

Raymy, Edinburgh, UK

A great way to have some “me” time and to take at a good look at yourself while doing fun exercise.

A great introduction to coaching and mindfulness while cycling through a lovely forest.

Mickael, Glasgow, UK

From the adrenaline rush of biking through the Forest to the incredible meditation and sounds of the Sea & Trees.

The adventure coaching took me on a physical and mental journey I’ll never forget. 

Gerry, Glasgow, UK

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