- 5TH SEPT 2020 -

Enjoy the space to think


Ever experienced that moment of clarity when out on a run, or a long walk into the woods?

Have you had your breath taken away when swimming in a lake, only to be followed by amazing creative thoughts?

Changing your physiological state changes you emotions, behaviours, actions and results.

Enjoying physical activity also improves learning and mental performance.

Thats why we created our Outdoor Adventure Coaching Programme,

incorporating the best elements of activity, nature and coaching.

We coach passion into performance. Our passion is the great outdoors, activity and coaching.

Our programme provides the perfect environment to plan for success. 

Available for individuals or groups, this 1 day programme will push you physically and mentally,

but will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to work on achieving your goal.

This coaching day will provide you with ring-fenced time to enjoy the great outdoors,

activity that suites the location and deep intensive coaching that will create insight, clarity and a plan to create success.

Each Outdoor Adventure Coaching day is created around an individual/group requirements and can include

activities such as road cycling, mountain biking, lake swimming, sea dip, surfing, paddle boarding,

hiking and coastal/forest walking.

Our next 1 day Adventure Coaching session is Lossiemouth edition, the Highlands of Scotland.

5th Sept 2020 - £POA

Here is our Lossiemouth Edition itinerary: 

Welcome and introduction - Lossiemouth East Beach

Physical activity 1 - Mountain biking along the river Lossie, activating the mind and body through riding and Osprey spying!


Coaching exercise 1 - Identifying your most valuable outcomes


Physical activity 2 - We continue our ride into the stunning Scots Pine forest, taking in the amazing trails and more challenging terrain


Coaching exercise 2 - Making dreams your reality




Physical activity 3 - The ride continues to West Beach where everyone will have the opportunity to take in and enjoy the

exhilarating wilds of the Lagoon.


Coaching exercise 3 - Creating the plan to achieve


Mindfulness session to close day and set intentions

Thanks Martin! I always do my best thinking when out on the bike but incorporating coaching took this to a new level.

I am new to meditation and have to say that I found that 'clearing the space' exercise by the sea relaxing!

I now have a plan to take forward that will make a real difference to me.

Steve, Kent, UK

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