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Now is your moment!

As human beings, we are born with unlimited potential,

able to do anything, be anything or go anywhere.

But along the way we create self limiting blockers that stop us

from achieving what we really want to achieve.  


At Mindful Coaching,

we are passionate about helping others making change happen.

We identify the inspiring outcomes they want to achieve in life

and together we do it now!

Whether that is creating a new career,

turning passion into a business,

reaching health and wellbeing goals,

improving performance and confidence or

generating greater self management,

we use transformational coaching techniques, mindfulness,

proven neuroscience and deep-dive questioning to help clients

remove the blockers and create a clear pathway to success.

Is now your moment?

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Home: About


I am Martin Covill from Mindful Coaching.

For over 25 years, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the world’s leading consumer brands and with some amazing people at different points in their life.

My experience covers commercial management, sales & marketing, leadership, and business & strategy development. 

As a Leader, Mentor, Coach, Coach Supervisor, Life Adventurer and Mental Health Activist, my mission is to inspire individuals and groups to develop, grow and succeed. How, by providing the space to connect with their personal values, identify their most important goals, tackle self-limiting beliefs head on, visualise success and create action for change.


My coaching style is unique; using a mixture of intuition, deep intensive coaching techniques, mindfulness, and neuroscience, helping clients to increase their level of personal awareness and consciousness.


Naturally, I am drawn to the great outdoors and through my adventure coaching model, I guide people to find new levels of personal connection and creativity by taking them into forest, mountain, and coastal locations.


My approach is principle led, intuitive, direct,

compassionate, and thought provoking,

asking challenging questions that move clients

into a new state of being and doing.


Clients report they feel more balanced, aligned, and confident in making key decisions in business and life,

by tapping into their own intuition and wisdom.

I hold the OU Professional Certificate in Management,

the AC Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice,

I am a Certified Coach Supervisor and

Qualified Mental Health First Aider.


I am a Member of the Association for Coaching and

Associate Member of the Institute of Leadership & Management.


My approach to coaching is heart centred.

I care about the people I serve and do everything

I can to help them achieve their goals. 


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Home: The Coacing Process


Coaching is an amazing journey of self discovery and achievement. Read the testimonials below!

A coach provides you with unique ring-fenced time to concentrate on making change happen once and for all.

Working with a coach is very different to asking for help from friends, family or business colleagues.

A coach is fully impartial and has no connection to your goals.

A coach doesn't offer advice or provide answers. He or she helps you identify the answers and   

provides the professional and qualified support to keep you on track and to actually make change happen.

Ever feel like you have 2 voices in your head, one saying 'you can't do it' and one saying 'you can do anything'?

At Mindful Coaching, we turn down the volume of the self nagging doubt and turn up the volume of your authentic voice.

We really do help you feel happier, motivated, energised and fulfilled.

It's challenging, but of course anything life changing would be.

We make reaching your potential achievable and have fun along the journey.

Click to read more about

'The Coaching Process'


At Mindful Coaching, we offer a range of programmes to suit your needs. Coaching can be delivered to work with your individuals circumstances, either face to face in person or by Zoom, 1-on-1 or to groups / teams.

Home: Services
Image by Riz Mooney


Do you have a passion that you want to turn into a successful business?

Or do you already have a business based on your passion that is not reaching its full potential yet?

Whether its helping you to create a portfolio career or fast-tracking that business/life plan,

we can guide your passion and energy and help you to make a living from doing what you love.

Click here to read more about the

'Coaching Passion Into Performance Programme'

Image by Randalyn Hill


Living your best life

Now it's time to focus on you.

Do you often feel like the months are passing you by and you have not started working on your ambitious plans?

Do you simply want more, but would like someone independent to drive you forward and provide accountability?

Life coaching helps you achieve anything:

Improve self esteem and confidence

Find life purpose and career direction

Re-align life with your values

Improve time management and work/life balance

Manage stress and anxiety

Achieve health and fitness goals

Do any of these resonate with you?

Our Transformational Life Coaching Programme provides you with dedicated time to help you reach your desired outcomes.

Click here to read more about the

'Transformational Life Coaching Programme'

Image by Brett Jordan


Calling all Coaches, Leaders, Managers and Mentors!  

Who is helping you improve your service to others and you? 

Supporting others can be mentally and emotionally demanding.

You can feel the weight on your shoulders, with no one to turn to for support.

Mindful Supervision provides space to talk through the service you provide to others

and to identify action needed to improve the experience your clients receive.

It also provides important reflection time just for you.

Click here to read more about

'Mindful Supervision'

Do you love the great outdoors?

Do you do your best thinking when out on a run or a cycle?

Studies reported by the NeuroLeadership Journal show that physical activity has a significantly positive impact on mental functioning, helping to enhance learning and memory.

At Mindful Coaching, we coach passion into performance.

Our passion is the great outdoors, activity and coaching.

We have incorporated the best elements of activity, nature and coaching to create our

Outdoor Adventure Coaching Programme.

Available for individuals or groups,

our Adventure Coaching events will push you

physically and mentally,

leaving you feeling refreshed

and ready to work on achieving your goals.

Click here to read more about the

'Outdoor Adventure Coaching Programme'


Enjoy the space to think

Home: Testimonials


From happy clients

As soon as I entered the first coaching session with Martin, I knew I was in for a transformational experience. His presence and ability to hold space, enabled me to discover key insights and actions. He held me accountable to these which helped me take my career and business to the next level.
Thank you Martin!

Johnny, Denver, CO, USA

I didn’t know what to expect from coaching when I first started, however I can truly say that it has made a real difference to my life, both at work and personally. 
It has enabled me to take a step back, become more organised, more together. I don’t feel exhausted anymore!
I feel significantly more in control and have a hugely better work / life balance. Rather than say yes to everyone, I now give myself a night off every week, time for me to chill out and recharge. 
My sessions with Martin have helped me assess my priorities, stop procrastinating and utilise my time better. He pushed me to set up new habits that make my life more organised and I seem to have found more time to do things than ever before.

Clare, London, UK

Martin is a first and foremost a fantastic person. He is understanding, well-mannered and punctual. Sessions with him were like catching up with an old-friend from school and were always conducted in a relaxed manner. Through brilliantly perfected coaching techniques Martin helped me see things from a different perspective and unlocked ideas and potential I didn’t realise I had.

Joe, Dorset, UK

Looking back today at where I started before working with Martin, there has been a huge shift for the better!

Having ring-fenced time just to thing about what you want to achieve was very valuable in itself and Martin has helped me put practices into place that are now daily habit. I would recommend Martin's coaching to anyone who feels they can get more from their current everyday.

Sophie, Kent, UK

Martin is clearly in his element when outside and our outdoor coaching day was a fantastic experience. 

During the session he held a meditation session to help me clear some mental space - This was the first time I have meditated and to hear the birds in the trees and the wind blowing was so relaxing. 

I thoroughly recommend Martin's mindful coaching, he has helped me create a plan and provided me with some tools to keep calm that I am going to use daily. Brilliant stuff!

Sam, Sussex, UK

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Interested, but would like to know more about how

Mindful Coaching can transform your life,

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